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About Us

"You've Come A Long Way Baby"

Now it's your turn, for you to show off and shine!

Why do I say now?

 1.We got our hair together.

2.We got our makeup together.

3. We got our cloths together.

So now what? Well, you get dressed up, and have some fun, is what you do! 

  •    We will be bringing the old school and the new school together and rock it.

All are welcomed!

 Men & Women






Please note all categories will be broken down by orientation, age, size, and events of your choice.

"Rock What You Were Born With"

  • As a producer, coordinator, MC and my specialty choreographing programs etc. I have been hired by a variety of clubs, organizations, churches, non-profit groups, etc., to do beauty pageants and fashion shows, as well as hosting talent shows. The fun and pleasure in it was just breath taking.

The Beauty Pageants are done in a free style, and open type of way, plus the model searches and events are done by email or mail. Fashion Shows are all about having fun and showing off with a twist added to it.

But it doesn't stop there, we also have lots of fun talent shows, twerking contests, lingerie contests, etc.

"Break The Tradition"

  1. A Sweet Sixteen Party? Reason: Did you have yours?
  2. White Evening Ball Gown Events. Did you get the opportunity to wear a beautiful white bridal gown? 
  3.  Sexy Evening Wear.

Lets dress up with our friends, family and loved ones, and dance to the break of dawn!

  1. The Best Dressed Men or women Fashion Shows
  2. Beauty Pageants
  3. Lingerie Fashion Shows
  4. Couples Fashion Shows
  5. Swimsuit Contest
  6. Twerking Contest
  7. Talent Shows

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Sign up to hear from us about our events and specials, Model Searches, Open Pageants Calls and Fashion Shows or Talents Shows!

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Our goal is to enhance, bring back the fun into our lives, after a long week of going to school, or working. Now we can have something exciting to look forward to on the weekends, by dressing up, dancing, and dining out with family, friends and love ones, this way we get to party and enjoy each others company, by having fun events doing fashion shows, beauty pageants, and talent shows. Prizes and gifts for our winners and show events.

So come walk on our purple carpet of beauty & fashion!

Announcement to be annonunced at a leter date


How do I sign up or join beauty pageants or fashion shows ?

Just send us an email with your name and recent photo and the category or categories you wish to be in.

What is the registration fees?

The fees is a non-refundable $50.00 due to the cost of the hall  or venue fees that do not fund their fees back.

What if I am unable to attend the show?

You may use the registration fee toward our next show provided its used within 6 months of the date received.

How many events can I be in and are there any fees involved?

Yes. The first event is discounted with the registration fee. All other events are $35.00 each.

For more information please contact us though email at www.royalcougars@yahoo, or call 718 634-3000

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